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When most people looks at a web site, they see it as a collection of pages within a site.  However, it is really a collection of websites linked together.  In recent years, there has been an emphasis on "landing pages."  This is just jargon for linking a website name to one of the "pages" (think website) instead of the "home" page.
Thus, landing pages make it possible for authors of tributes to directly link to their page or book of a remembered person. 
To accomplish this, one must have a separate web name.  We provide one which is long and cumbersome.  Optionally, we can source one for you and redirect it to your page... hence "landing page."

Page Rates

Standard Page
1.  Text* up to the word limit sent via email
2.  Photo (jpg/jpeg or gif) if Format allows
1. Photo must be appropriate.
2. Photo must be of good quality
Small Inserts $19.95
 Larger  Panels $29.95
Custom Page
1)  You provide the background.
2)  You provide the text and photo
3)  You specify general trim colors
1)  Images sent must be at least 1,200x 1,000 pixels (.jpg or .gif) to fill monitor screen.
2)  Larger is okay, we can resize.  Some detail may be lost.
3)  In a larger (pixels) image, we can select a section of the image, if you describe.
4)  We normally correspond by email.  If matters get complicated, we will call.
Book - 5 Standard Pages
1) One person buys the packet to use or distribute the pages.
2) You email us the names we should expect as contributors. 
3) Then, each person interacts with us directly.
4) When 5-pack is used/published, we will notify you. 
1)  We accept files of your photo; no return necessary.
2)  If we are to send back photo/s, we do so with a receipted return so that we know that it was delivered.
3)  We are not responsible for photos otherwise.
$125.00/5 pgs

Optional Custom Services

Typing copy submitted by you
1) Please provide type EXACTLY as you want it.  What we see is what you will get.
1) We do not edit copy without your specific agreement.  This is your tribute.
2) If we are involved, your copy will only be modified for grammar, not content. 
Scanning Your Photos
1) Send photos USPS/FedEx/UPS  with receipted deliver card
2) Provide Self-Addressed label for return (if desired)... No label = No return.
1) Our preference is to have you have your images scanned locally as jpg files
and then have them attached in an email.  This provides safety by keeping the photos in your possession and allows for backup in case out file get corrupted.
2)  If the above is not possible we will professionally scan your photos and return as described.
No Touch-up
Return Certified
Postage & Handling
1-5  Photos
Photo Touch-Up
1)  Select best photos you can.
2)  Clean photos of dust and fingerprints.
3)  Send in secure, water-proof envelope stiffend with cardboard.
4)  Provide a self addressed label for return if you desire a return.
1)  We prefer that you have photo retoration work done local to you for your satisfaction. Restoration can be tedious and costly work depending upon the original. Options exist to reduce cost such as color fills. Best viewed and discussed locally.
Acquiring a URL for Landing Page,
Book or Special Edition
1)  Provide 3 -5 names for availability
2)  Provide payment for url & registration**
1)  If none of your names are available we will inform you.
2)  You are responsible for the name selection; registration will be in your name 
Consulting on Special Edition For Private or Restricted Use.
1)  Purpose / Use
2)  Estimated # pages
3)  # of backgrounds
4)  Ordering info
     1 source via you
     X sources via us
5)  Info as needed
1)  If none of your names are available we will inform you.
2)  You are responsible for the name selection; registration will be in your name